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Country Blues (Live @ the Log Drive Cafe)

by Wychwood

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This is a mean old world to live in by yourself (x2) When you can't get the woman one your really love, You know they're loving someone else Well, I drink to keep from worrying and I smile to keep from crying (x2) That's to keep the people from knowing just what I have on my mind Chords: G – / C G / DD7 G This is a mean old world, try living it all by yourself (x2) When you can't have the one you really love, have to use somebody else Sometimes I wonder how can your love be so cold (x2) I guess you just don't love me, might as well pack up my things and go Chord notation explanation: https://wychwood.xyz/songs-of-love-death/#asterisk
Chorus: It takes a worried man to sing a worried song (x3) I'm worried now, but I won't be worried long Chords: G – – – / C – – G / – – – – / D – – G 1. The train came to the station, 21 coaches long The one I love is on that train and gone 2. I looked down the track as far as I could see A little bitty hand was waving after me 3. I went across the river and I lay down to sleep When I woke up, had shackles on my feet 4. The shackles on my feet had 21 links of chain And each link the initials of my/your name 5. I asked that old judge, what's gonna be my fine "21 years on the Rocky Mountain Line" 6. 21 years to pay my awful crime 21 years, and I still got 99 Chord notation explanation: https://wychwood.xyz/songs-of-love-death/#asterisk
Frankie and Johnny Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts – O Lordie how they could love! They swore to be true to each other, just as true as the stars above He was her man, he wouldn't do her wrong Frankie and Johnny went walking, John in his brand new suit "Then o good Lord," says Frankie, "don't my Johnny look real cute!" He was her man, he wouldn't do her wrong Chords: C – – C7 / F – – C / G7 – C – Frankie was a good woman, and Johnny such a good man And every last dime that she made went right into Johnny's hand But he was her man, he wouldn't do her wrong Frankie went down to the corner, just for a bucket of beer She said to the fat bartender, "Has my lovingest man been here? He is my man, he wouldn't do me wrong" "I don't want to cause you no trouble, & I don't want to tell you no lie But I saw your man an hour ago with a gal named Alice Bly If he's your man, he's a-doing you wrong" Frankie looked over the transom, and found to her great surprise That there on the cot sat Johnny, a-loving up Alice Bly But he was her man, but he done her wrong Frankie drew back her kimono, took out her 44 "Root-a-toot-toot," three times she shot, right through that hardwood floor She shot her man 'cause he was doing her wrong "Roll me over easy, roll me over slow Roll me on the side, 'cause that bullet hurt me so I was her man, but I done her wrong" The judge said to the jury, "It's as plain as plain can be" This woman shot her lover, it's murder in the second degree He was her man, though he done her wrong" This story has no moral, this story has no end This story only goes to show that there ain't no good in men They'll do you wrong, just as sure as you're born Chord notation explanation: https://wychwood.xyz/songs-of-love-death/#asterisk
Blues all on the ocean, blues all in the air Can't stay here no longer, (I) have no steamship fare When my earthly trials are over, cast my body out in the sea Save all the undertaker bills, let the mermaids flirt with me Chords: CG C F C / F C DD7 G / C – F C / F C CG7 C Blues all in my body, my darling has forsaken me If I ever see her face again, I have to swim across the sea When my earthly trials are over, cast my body out in the sea Save all the undertaker bills, let the mermaids flirt with me I do not work for pleasure, earthly peace I see no more The only reason I work at all is (to) drive the wolf from my door When my earthly trials are over, cast my body out in the sea Save all the undertaker bills, let the mermaids flirt with me My wife controls our happy home, my sweetheart I cannot find The only thing I can call my own is a troubled and worried mind Chord notation explanation: https://wychwood.xyz/songs-of-love-death/#asterisk
Chorus Chords: Em AmEm / Em B7 / 1st / EmB7 Em Oh lordy me and it’s oh lordy my Who’s gonna be your man? [Repeat] 1. Who’s gonna shoe your pretty little foot? Who’s gonna glove your hand? Who’s gonna kiss your red ruby lips? Who’s gonna be your man? Verses: Em Am / Em B7 / EmC AmEm / EmB7 Em 2. Poppa’s gonna shoe my pretty little foot Momma’s gonna glove my hand Sister’s gonna kiss my red ruby lips I don’t need no man 3. Let your poppa shoe your pretty little foot Let your momma glove my hand But I insist upon those red ruby lips ’Cause I wanna be your man 4. I don’t need no man, poor boy I don’t need no man Sister’s gonna kiss my red ruby lips I don’t need no man [repeat “Sister’s gonna kiss… no man” without going to chorus] Chord notation explanation: https://wychwood.xyz/songs-of-love-death/#asterisk
Freight train, freight train run so fast x 2 Please don’t tell them what train I’m on They won’t know what route I’m going Chords: C – G G7 / GG7 G7 C – / E EE7 F – / C G C – When I’m dead and in my grave No more good times will I crave Place the stones at my head and feet And tell them all I’ve gone to sleep When I die Lord bury me deep Way down on old Chestnut street So I can hear the number nine As she comes rolling by Chord notation explanation: https://wychwood.xyz/songs-of-love-death/#asterisk
Was in the summer, and all the fall Just trying to find my all in all But now you’re gone and I don't worry I'm sitting on top of the world Chords: E – – – / A(7) – – – / E – B7 – / E AB7 EB7 Was in the spring, one summer day Just when you left me, you’re gone to stay But now you’re gone and I don't worry / I’m... Then you come running, holding up your hand Can't get me a woman, quick as you can get a man But now you're gone... Have been days, I didn't know your name Why should I worry or cry in vain? / But now... If you like my peaches, why do you shake my tree? Stay out of my orchard, and let my peach tree be The lonesome days, they have gone by Why should you beg me, oh say goodbye Chord notation explanation: https://wychwood.xyz/songs-of-love-death/#asterisk
“Oh, Polly, pretty Polly, would you take me unkind Polly, pretty Polly, would you take me unkind You to sit beside me, and tell me your mind” “Well my mind is to marry and never to part My mind is to marry and never to part First time I saw you, you wounded my heart” “Well Polly, pretty Polly, come and go along with me / Polly, pretty Polly... Before we get married, some pleasure we'll see” Well he led her over mountains and valleys so deep / He led… Polly mistrusted and then began to weep “Say Willie, little Willie, I'm afraid of your ways /Willie… The way you've been rambling and leading me astray” “Now Polly, pretty Polly, your guess is about right / Polly… I dug on your grave, the better part of last night” Well he led her a little farther and what did she spy? / He… A new dug grave with a spade lying by Then she knelt down before him, a pleading for her life… “Let me be a single girl, if I can't be your wife” “Now Polly, pretty Polly, that never can be Your past reputation's been troubling to me” Well he opened up her bosom, as white as any snow He stabbed through the heart and the blood did overflow (Then he went down to the jailhouse and what did he say? Killed pretty Polly and trying to get away) Now he buried her so neatly, she was nestled all quite sound He’s not thinking her body would ever be found Then he went onboard for a sailor to go Not thinking this matter ever would out-throw (overthrow?) But as he was going along to his berth He spied lovely Polly she was covered in earth she ripped him and she stripped him and she torn him in three “That’s for the murder of me baby and me”
Make me down a pallet on your floor x2 Make me down a pallet soft and low Make it so your good man will never know Chords: A –Edim7 E E7 / A7 –Edim7 E – / E G#dim7 A D#dim7 / E F#7B7 EA EE7 Don’t ever drive a stranger from your door x3 He may be your best friend you don’t know Get my breakfast here, my dinner in Tennessee x3 I told ya I was coming so you better look for me (Up the country in the cold sleet and snow x2 Going up the country where the weather suits my clothes No telling how much further I may go) Been hanging around with some good time friends of mine (x2) Whoa they treat me very nice and kind When I got a dollar and a dime Make me down a pallet on your floor x2 Make it over close behind the door make it where your good man will never go Chord notation explanation: https://wychwood.xyz/songs-of-love-death/#asterisk
In the Pines 03:45
In the Pines (Where did you sleep last night?) My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me Tell me where did you sleep last night In the pines, in the pines, where the sun don’t ever shine I would shiver the whole night through Chords: { Em – A G / B(7) – Em – } x2 My girl, my girl, where will you go? I’m going where the cool wind blows In the pines, in the pines, where the sun don’t ever shine I would shiver the whole night through Her husband was a hard-working man Just about a mile from here His head was found in a driving wheel But his body never was found In the pines, in the pines, where the sun don’t ever shine I would shiver the whole night through Chord notation explanation: https://wychwood.xyz/songs-of-love-death/#asterisk
St. James Infirmary I went down to the St. James Infirmary Saw my baby there Stretched out on a long, white table So cold, so sweet, so fair I went down to old Joe’s barroom On the corner down by the square The drinks were served as usual And the usual crowd was there Chords: Em B7 Em – / – Am B7 – / 1st / C7 B7 Em – At the door stood old Joe Kennedy His eyes all bloodshot red He turned to the crowd around him And this is what he said “Let her go, let her go, god bless her Wherever she may be She can search the whole wide world over She’ll never find a man as sweet as me When will I ever stop moaning When will I ever smile My baby went and left me She’ll be gone a long, long while” I followed 16 coal black horses To pull that rubber tied hack Well it’s 17 miles to the graveyard but my baby’s never coming back I tried to keep from cryin’ My heart felt just like lead She was all I had to live for I wished it was me instead Em B7 Em – / – Am B7 – / 1st / C7 B7 Em – Dm A7 Dm – / – Gm A7 – / 1st / Bb(7) A(7) Dm – When I die send crapshooters for pallbearers Chorus girl to sing me a song Put a jazz band on my hearse wagon Raise hell as I roll along Take apart your bones and put ’em back together Tell your Mama (that) you’re somebody now Feel the breeze blowingp (tell ’em) look out here it comes Now I can say whatever I feel like to you Now that I’ve told my story Let’s have another round of booze And if anyone should happen to ask you Tell em I’ve got those St. James Infirmary Blues https://wychwood.xyz/songs-of-love-death/#asterisk


Recorded 26 October 2018, in Ottawa, in the Kitchissippi watershed, Algonquin territory.

The Log Drive Cafe (logdrivecafe.wordpress.com) is a traditional music concert series featuring local and visiting folk musicians in a coffeehouse setting, in which the audience is welcome to sing along.


released November 19, 2018

Tim played banjo, nylon-string guitar (on “Who’s gonna Be Your Man?” & “Pretty Polly”), cardboard box kickdrum and footjingle, and sang.

Chrissy played steel-string guitar, accordion, tenor banjo (on “Who’s Gonna Be Your Man?”), harmonica, saw, and sang.

The Log Drive audience sang along and talked back.

Lyrics, chords, and manifestos:

Thanks to those who came, and everyone’s who’s inspired us and cared along the way.


"A lot of what people do in music and performance is a cop-out. They’re just afraid of what they are, and they want to be seen as something bigger and more magical than what they are. So they do extra things – you know, they have extra layers of vocals in recordings or they have a bunch of stage business, or lighting, or costumes, and all that kind of stuff. All of that stuff is a product of the fear of being exposed."
— Steve Albini




Wychwood Ottawa, Ontario

We're a duo (Chrissy Steinbock & Tim Kitz) who identify only half-jokingly as “the world’s first blackgrass band.” We both sing & play guitar or banjo, while mixing in accordion, bass, saw, dobro, harmonica, glockenspiel, etc. Some days we’re acoustic purists. Some days we like to corrupt traditional folksongs with bits of black metal, ambient, & noise, trying to make folk music dangerous again. ... more

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